Sept. 27, 2016 Meeting – Agenda, Materials

Our next meeting is Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016 at 6 p.m. in the Land Use Room at Lenox Town Hall.

Meeting Agenda (Printable PDF of Agenda)

  1. Approval of Minutes (September 13)
  2. Board Reorganization
  3. Zoning Bylaw Amendments
    1. Parking Bylaw Revisions
      1. PJK draft proposal (Word)
      2. Previously proposed VCPOD and zoning (PDF)
      3. Parking district and lu (PDF)
      4. Downtown Transportation Management Study 2003 (PDF)
      5. Other reference documents posted in previous meeting agenda
    2. Town Meeting Schedule
  4. Special Tax Incentive Follow Up w/ Board of Selectmen
    • Reference document posted in 9/13 meeting listing
  5. Correspondence

Note: Minutes for this meeting will be posted on the Town website here when approved.
If any other documents are shared at the meeting, they  will be annotated in the minutes for the meeting and copies will be available.