Nov. 15, 2016 Meeting – Agenda, Materials

MEETING AGENDA [ Printable Word Document here ]

1.   Zoning Bylaw Amendments

a. Other: Citizen has indicated desire to discuss how accessory buildings are regulated.

b. Parking: Continue work on draft bylaw for Village Center parking  & loading requirements.

c.  Definitions: Review proposed language for “hotel” and “resort” definitions.

2.   Debrief of Lenox Dale Walking Tour

a.  Notes: Review and consolidate all notes and board input relative to issues to address in Lenox Dale.

  • Gwen will be typing up her notes from the walking tour and firehouse meeting and have them at the Nov. 15 meeting or even sooner. We will let Board members know if they are posted here before the meeting.

b. Work Plan: begin to outline timeline for completing Lenox Dale rezoning process

3.   Planning Board Priorities Going Forward: Review handout and website list of 2015/2016 priorities and determine final list of projects to complete in time for Annual Town Meeting in May.

  • Handout to come (was used at a previous meeting; check your files)
  • Website page here 

4.   Approval of Minutes (October 25)

5.   Correspondence

6.   Open Session (for topics not reasonably anticipated 48 hours in advance)

Note: Minutes for this meeting will be posted on the Town website here when approved. If any other documents are shared at the meeting, they  will be annotated in the minutes for the meeting and copies will be available.