Planning Board July 11 Meeting Agenda and Materials

6 Walker Street│ Lenox │Massachusetts │01240

Tuesday, July 11, 2017
6 p.m
Location: Land Use Room, Town Hall

  1. Minutes — Review and vote on June 27 minutes, if available
  2. Correspondence and Media Coverage — Share correspondence and topical media stories
  3. Citizen Open Forum — Citizens also may request to speak as part of the Board’s discussion of a particular agenda item, with approval of chair, time permitting
  4. Lenox Dale Development — Discuss and decide how to handle request by Select Board for information about Lenox Dale community development wants and needs in the wake of their ongoing deliberations about a proposed medical marijuana facility there.
  5. Short Term Rentals — Discuss progress on the project to review Town bylaws as they relate to Short Term Rentals of less than 30 days
  6. Village Parking — Review concept parking design concepts for Village Center prepared by BETA:
    • Diagonal parking on Main Street
    • “Master” parking lot between Church Street and Main Street
  7. Subcommittee Reports:
  8. Next meeting: Tuesday, July 25
    1. Discuss tentative agenda items