July 25 Planning Board meeting agenda and materials

6 Walker Street│ Lenox │Massachusetts │01240

MEETING AGENDA [Printable PDF of Agenda]
Tuesday, July 25, 2017
6 p.m
Location: Land Use Room, Town Hall

    • Citizen Open Forum — Citizens also may request to speak as part of the Board’s discussion of a particular agenda item, with approval of the chair, time permitting.
    • Sign Easement papers
    • Recreational marijuana — GM to update the Board on the legislation passed by the State legislature and next steps for the Board in considering Lenox bylaw updates reflecting new state law that will go into effect in July 2018.
    • Equitable Development “Next Steps” draft memo — Discuss “Next Steps” draft memo from EPA April technical assistant workshop and how the recommendations may related to Planning Board work under way or planned for the future. Separately, each committee member may provide written feedback to GM on the memo.
    • Short Term Rentals — Share update on subcommittee work, including reviewing outreach document if it has been approved at the subcommittee level.
  • Next meeting: Tuesday, July 25
    1. Discuss tentative agenda items