Planning Board Sept. 26 Meeting — Agenda and Materials

6 Walker Street│ Lenox │Massachusetts │01240

MEETING AGENDA  [Posting for Sept 26]
Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017
6 p.m
Location: Land Use Room, Town Hall

1. Minutes — Review and vote on minutes for Sept. 12 meeting


2. Citizen Open Forum — Citizens may request to speak on any topic or as part of the Board’s discussion of a particular agenda item, with approval of the chair.


3. Creating an affordable and attractive housing stock for a new era:

  • Review, discuss and agree on the proposed order of Lenox Zoning bylaw amendments that would facilitate the creation of new housing units to (1) be added to the Subsidized Housing Inventory and/or (2) increase the number of housing units available in low-, medium- and moderate-price ranges.
  • Review six bylaw revisions prepared by Gwen Miller and Kameron Spaulding.
  • Decide next steps: A hearing date of Oct. 10 (our next meeting) is required to meet deadline for Nov. Town meeting.
  • Documents [will be printed out in color for meeting]:


4. Info on Other Meetings:

  • Informational presentation to Select Board on Recreational Marijuana anticipated bylaw amendment timeline.
  • Short-Term Rentals Subcommittee 9/25.
  • BRPC meeting 9/27.
  • BPRC Annual Dinner 10/19, registration closes 10/10. Register here.


5. Next meeting: Tuesday, Oct. 10

  1. Discuss tentative agenda items