Oct. 10 Planning Board meeting Agenda & Materials

6 Walker Street│ Lenox │Massachusetts │01240

MEETING AGENDA  [Printable PDF of Agenda]
Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2017
6 p.m
Location: Land Use Room, Town Hall

1. Minutes  Review and vote on minutes for Sept 12 and Sept. 26 minutes

10 minutes
2. Citizen Open Forum — Citizens may request to speak on any topic, with chair’s approval.  5 min.
3. Updates on recent meetings:

  • Tom on presentation to Select Board on Recreational Marijuana on Oct. 4 (5 min.)
  • Deb and Pam on Short Term Rentals subcommittee – Major update to full Board: Survey design has been completed – review and discuss next steps including proposed Forums the week of Nov. 6; updates on state legislation and building code updates (15 min.)
    • Materials will be posted in advance of meeting
  • Kate on Affordable Housing Oct. 3 (5 min.)
  • Pam on BPRC on Sept. 28 (5 min.)
30 min.
4. Master Plan – Review and approve draft of funding request for Master Plan consultant to be presented at Special Town Meeting on Nov. 2.

10 min.
5. Village Parking Plan – Review and approve draft of memo to Town Manager and Select Board on Planning Board’s recommendations for Village Parking Plan updates

  • Document will be posted in advance of meeting.
10 min.
6Review Timeline leading up to May ATM to plot info sessions; are goals manageable?:

  • Short Term Rentals
  • Recreational Marijuana
  • Master Plan
  • Affordable Housing
10 min.
7. Affordable Housing: Continue to assess and prioritize byla​w revisions. 45 minutes
Open Session (for Topics not reasonably anticipated 48 hours in advance)
The listing of matters are as those reasonably anticipated by the Chair, which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items not listed may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law. [2 hours total]