Nov. 27 Short-Term Rentals subcommittee agenda & materials

Meeting is 10 a.m., Monday, Nov. 27
Lenox Town Hall
Superintendent’s Conference Room

Agenda – additional materials to come:

  1. Review and approve meeting minutes for
    1. Nov 13 DRAFT
    2. DRAFT minutes for July 10 meeting
  2. Review Community Forum process – things that went well, things that could have been better
  3. Review progress of online survey
    1. Is additional promotion called for and if so, what
  4. Review feedback from Nov. 14 Roundtables
    1. Document (notes from session) retention review of requirements
    2. Key themes
    3. Discuss next steps – plot on process plan
    4. Communication
    5. Data gathering
    6. Other
      1. MARPA STR letter to Legislature 2017-07-28 
      2. BPRC STR letter to Legislature 2017-11-16 (2)
      3. BISTRO ad  
      4. STRs in the news Nov 2017
    7. Review and consider correspondence
      1. From a local innkeepers:
      2. From Airbnb:
  5. Schedules for Dec. and Jan.
  6. Timeline toward May and November Town Meetings

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