Nov. 28 Planning Board meeting – Agenda and materials

Meeting is 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 28
Land Use Room
Lenox Town Hall


  1. Review and approve minutes
    1. Oct 24 meeting
    2. Nov. 7 meeting
  2. Update on draft Sign bylaw revision
    1. Bylaw Sign Section Suggested Changes R2
  3. Update on Short-Term Rentals subcommittee work, Roundtable findings, and next steps
  4. Schedule for Dec. through May – (refer to timeline on the website)
    1. Vet possible warrant items vs. timeline toward May Town Meeting
    2. Discuss how/when to stage Recreational Marijuana forums, etc.
    3. Discuss how to proceed with bylaw amendments to promote creation of more lower-cost housing units.
    4. Set up Master Plan subcommittee to get detailed work plan going.
  5. Other Town Committee reports:
    1. CPC (Tom Delasco)
    2. Affordable Housing (Kate McNulty-Vaughan)
    3. BPRC (Pam Kueber)

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