Dec. 11 — Short Term Rentals subcommittee agenda

Meeting is 10 a.m., Monday, Dec. 11
Lenox Town Hall
Superintendent’s Conference Room


  1. Review updated summary of Nov. 14 Roundtables
    1. How to circulate / communicate
  2. Set dates for second wave of community roundtable discussions in Jan. 2018
    1. Review of Town calendar
    2. Bistro-suggested date
  3. Discuss / prepare update presentations to Planning Board (Dec 11) and Board of Selectmen (Dec 13)
  4. Updates on assignments from last week and other activities:
    1. Questions on inspection issues provided to Town Manager
    2. Sandwich board request to promote Jan. roundtable discussions
    3. Update on Host Compliance reports
    4. Progress of online survey including promotion efforts
    5. Monday coffee session at Community Center
    6. Web page created yet?
    7. Correspondence and media coverage
  5. Schedules for Dec. and Jan.
    1. Discuss agenda for next several meetings
      1. Review new table talk document at next meeting?
  6. Review and approve meeting minutes for
    1. Dec. 4
    2. July 17
    3. July 24

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