March 5 — Short-Term Rentals subcommittee meeting agenda

March 5, 2018 — 10 a.m.
Location: Superintendent’s Conference Room, Lenox Town Hall

  • Citizen’s Open Comment – 10 minutes
  • New Subcommittee Member – The Planning Board on Feb. 27 appointed Kate McNulty-Vaughan an official subcommittee member in order to facilitate the subcommittee’s ability to seat a quorum moving forward.
  • Review and analyze citizen input from community discussions, correspondence and the online survey, along with other research subcommittee research done so far, to determine if the creation of bylaws specific to short-term rentals are called for. If so, begin to discuss policy options.
    • A binder containing citizen input is available for public viewing; it is with the Town Clerk in Town Hall and can be viewed during normal business hours.
  • Next steps – map next steps relative to timeline in the right-hand sidebar here
  • Next meeting – discuss agenda; discuss whether a set weekly date is possible (so that a standing reservation for a room can be made)
  • Meeting minutes – Approve meeting minutes for Feb. 2

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