March 13 — Planning Board Meeting and Materials

This meeting was postponed due to snow and rescheduled to MARCH 20

MEETING: Tuesday, March 13, 6 p.m.
LOCATION: Land Use Room, Lenox Town Hall

  • Approve minutes
  • Review Master Plan RFP
  • Large-scale ground-mounted solar — Continue considering zoning options that would allow for additional solar development in Town
    • Review Town Planner Gwen Miller’s work to identify actual buildable acreage in C1A, C3A and I zones, including if split lots were included.
    • Review new table of proposed permittable locations created after last week’s discussion on the bylaw, 8.11. LARGE-SCALE GROUND-MOUNTED SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC INSTALLATIONS
    • Get any updates from Syncarpha Solar, which has an option on 383 Housatonic St.
  • Short-Term Rentals Discussion
    • The Board will review and discuss findings from Short-Term Rentals subcommittee work
      • Review and discuss citizen input from community discussions, correspondence, and online survey and hear from subcommittee on their research. Note: Copy of this input is available for public review with Town Clerk.
        • Planning Board members note, additional correspondence has come in via email the week of March 6. It will be added here for pre-reading by the end of the day March 9. Additional correspondence will be added to the file copy weekly.
      • Discuss policy options.
    • Update on data from Host Compliance.
    • Timeline/next steps including whether we can make May Annual Town Meeting.
  • Recreational Marijuana
    • Review final rules promulgated by Cannabis Commission
    • Tuesday, April 10 is looking good for date of public forum
      • Where to hold: Town Hall Auditorium holds 190, Duffin holds 500
      • Discuss content — Kam outline/plan and PB member roles
      • Discuss publicity plan
  • 241 Walker Special Permit Application
    Continued hearing  for the Application of Stone Path Development, Inc. for the property at 241 Walker Street (Map 8, Parcel 1 and Map 8, Parcel 6-1) in the Residential “R-1A’ zoning district.  The Application and supporting materials are available for review at the office of Town Clerk in Lenox Town Hall between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM and on the Town website 24/7.
  • Discuss agenda items for next meeting.


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