UPDATE: Meeting changed to MARCH 27 — March 20 — Planning Board meeting agenda and materials — note 6:30 start time

UPDATE: Meeting postponed/moved to March 27

NOTE TIME CHANGE to 6:30 p.m. to accommodate members coming from HDC meeting

MEETING: Tuesday, March 20, 6:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Land Use Room, Lenox Town Hall

  • Approve minutes
  • Review Master Plan RFP
    • Note: GM working with BRPC on analysis of zoning map
  • Large-scale ground-mounted solar — Continue considering zoning options that would allow for additional solar development in Town
    • Review Town Planner Gwen Miller’s work to identify actual buildable acreage in C1A, C3A and I zones, including if split lots were included.
    • Review new table of proposed permittable locations created after last week’s discussion on the bylaw, 8.11. LARGE-SCALE GROUND-MOUNTED SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC INSTALLATIONS
    • Get any updates from Syncarpha Solar, which has an option on 383 Housatonic St.
    • Input from Environmental Committee, Finance Committee, whose participation in understanding questions related to this issue was invited.
  • Short-Term Rentals Discussion
    • Update on state legislation.
    • Update on data from Host Compliance.
    • The Board will review and discuss findings from Short-Term Rentals subcommittee work
      • Review and discuss citizen input from community discussions, correspondence, and online survey and hear from subcommittee on their research. Note: Copy of citizen input is available for public review with Town Clerk.
        • Planning Board members, please note, additional correspondence keeps coming in via email and many not be in your previously printed documents. It is generally added as it comes in here for pre-reading. Materials are being added regularly to the binder also on file with Town clerk for public viewing.
      • Discuss policy options.
    • Timeline/next steps including whether we can make May Annual Town Meeting and if so, do we want to.
  • Recreational Marijuana
  • Upcoming update to Board of Selectmen — Update on STRs, Recreational Marijuana, Master Plan at their next meeting, agenda permitting
  • 241 Walker Special Permit Application
    Continued hearing  for the Application of Stone Path Development, Inc. for the property at 241 Walker Street (Map 8, Parcel 1 and Map 8, Parcel 6-1) in the Residential “R-1A’ zoning district.  The Application and supporting materials are available for review at the office of Town Clerk in Lenox Town Hall between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM and on the Town website 24/7.
  • Board members, Town Planner, and BOS liason updates on committee assignments and other topics
    • Ken – BOS updates
    • Gwen — DLTA update and any other updates
    • Pam:
      • 19 Canyon Ranch condos for sale and finally beginning to close — est. $20M+/- in new growth ergo $300,000+/- in FY19 real and property tax growth;
      • invited to join new Business Initiatives subcommittee
      • meeting bi-weekly with Town Planner — intra-subcommittee communications discussion
      • Other updates
    • Tom — updates
    • Kate — updates
    • Deborah — updates
    • Kam — updates
  • Discuss agenda items for next meeting.


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