Additional correspondence for subcommittee meeting March 5

Received week of March 19

From Kelly Brown 3 182018

Received week of March 12:

Bill Polk rubric

Bernie Plishtin

Received week of March 5:

Tom Werman Stonover Farm

List of Requirements from Angela Lomanto

Housing availability in Lenox response from Mary Jo Piretti

Lenox Homes up to $750,000

Nashville council approves Airbnb phase-out bill for residential neighborhoods article sent my Mary Jo Piretti

How your neighbor_s Airbnb rental can affect your property values – The Washington Post article sent by Mary Jo Piretti

AOL Mail article sent by Mary Jo Piretti

Received prior to March 5 subcommittee meeting:

Elliot Morss letter

Christian Deckert March 2

James Harwood 3

James Harwood march 1 second email

James Harwood march 1



Ted Silverman March 4

Host Compliance on “de-duping”: de duping explained

And remember to add these reports Gwen finished up to your deck:

survey explanation

1 20 18_Meeting Summary