Master Plan questions to add

Questions for Master Plan consultant

·        Where is our poverty based – is it single elderly women etc. Get better understanding.

Further crunching HPP 2.14 :

31.6%, or 705, of Lenox’s 2,205 households are housing cost-burdened
Of the 1,040 extreme-to-moderate income households, 605 (or 58%)  are housing cost burdened.

Housing cost burden for those earning moderate-and-above incomes is less than 10%.
I would love, as part of Master Plan process, to get exact insight as to where the housing cost burden lies even more precisely – e.g. age, family size; I don’t that is in the HPP. I will add this question to the list.

For Master Plan, I also will add: Why aren’t our 40B senior housing options filling up (if that’s true); and who are they serving — Lenox residents in transition or other Ma. resident in transition or in what combination? Housing Trust: When we meet — let’s discuss what additional questions you may want insight into — the Master Plan will start soon!

·        Get better understanding of rental housing market.

·        Graph year-round housing units and 2nd homeowner housing units since 2000.

·        Graph year-round population and est. 2nd homeowner population since 2000.

·        How big is our economy – define.

·        Gauge residents’ interest in increasing the number of housing units; what kind of housing units; where

·        Model analysis of growth given new development; how much money will we have to work with to invest?

·        Tax rate analysis – burden vs rest of county timelined

·        OPEB and other liabilities – assessment – including vs other Berkshires

·        Role of schools in creating a thriving community – meta-analysis

·        Residential tax exemptions,507368

tourism in the Berkshires at 462MM in 2016 up from 309 in 2009