STR timeline plan

June-Oct. 2017:
Issue Assessment: gather data, identify facts, concerns, opportunities, stakeholders, legislation
Create workplan
Create presentation
Create survey
Engage with HostCompliance

Conduct two Community Discussions
Launch Online Survey
Meet with Town Manager to launch review of potential licensing, inspections protocols

Report on Nov. 14 Community Discussions finalized
Share Nov. 14 report with Planning Board
Share Nov. 14 report with BOS; promote survey and next Community outreach

January 2018
Survey ends Jan. 15
Jan. 20 – Third Community Discussion
A fourth Discussion may also be scheduled
Continue to monitor state legislation

Finalize report on Third (and Fourth) Community Discussion(s)

Develop white paper outlining key findings / issues / policy goals
Develop set(s) of regulatory options
— Revisit/research solutions created by other communities
— Create new bylaw and/or revise existing bylaws; explain each decision
— Compare to Town proposed licensing, inspections protocols to assess gaps that may require state lobbying
— Assess enforceability
— Assess complexity
— Legal review

Vet regulatory options with residents and stakeholders
Revise and repeat as required until bylaw proposals are complete

July – Aug
Subcommittee summer break

Warrant items due

Finalize bylaw proposals

Sept./early October
Public Hearing

November 2018
Town Meeting vote – 2/3 required